Meal Prep VS. Fast Food

When you're running short on time, but you're hungry, fast-food can start to seem like a better and better option, even for those who make an effort to eat healthy foods. Fast-food has become so prominent because it's quick and easy to get, but how often do you actually feel good about those meals?

Meal Prep Saves The Day!

 If you find yourself going for fast-food and regretting it later, or maybe you are finding yourself tempted? Maybe you just want to take a break and let someone else do the cooking for a change, without even having to leave the house. In any case that's where we come in! Epiphany Meal Prep is like having a personal chef to cook your meals, and they are ready when you are. 

Better Than A Meal Kit!

Epiphany Meal Prep delivers meals every week, that are fresh, already-prepped, and just need to be heated up! Most meals are ready in about 3 minutes of effortless relaxing, or maybe getting yourself a beverage, and setting the table. Transfer the food to a plate for the elegant, restaurant style service, or impress the whole family by having the table fully set by the time everyone sits to eat. Wholesome as a home cooked meal, but easy as having your own chef, and cots less than eating out, and better portion sizes for eating daily.