Now Serving Breakfast!

By popular demand, we have made breakfast a regular part of our menu! We use the best, locally-sourced, farm-fresh eggs and fresh baked breads.

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon are made from two large, locally sourced eggs, nitrate-free bacon, and fresh parsley. Scrambled until light and fluffy, all you need is a side of Fresh Fruit to finish the meal!  







We made our a French Toast from fresh-baked French bread, sliced thick, and dredged in a cinnamon-egg mixture before being lightly cooked. The end result in a hearty, yet fluffy breakfast treat, topped simply with a touch of powdered sugar and freshly cut strawberries. Perfect with a cup of coffee and a side of Fresh Fruit.



Steel-Cut Oatmeal is superior to it's mechanically pressed "quick-oat" counterparts in every way- except cooking time! This delicious preparation of oatmeal takes about 30 minutes to prepare, and who has time for that on a busy morning?! The good news is that they hold and heat wonderfully, retaining their pleasantly chewy texture over time. You already know - a side of Fresh Fruit to finish the meal!