The Meat & Veggies Meal Plan [Lite]
The Meat & Veggies Meal Plan [Lite]

The Meat & Veggies Meal Plan [Lite]

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Our classic meal plan - without the starchy carbs!

No rices, pastas, or other grains will be included - instead you'll get a double serving of veggies!

 Great for light dinners, especially when working to lose weight. Carbs are meant to provide the body with fuel - something not usually necessary before sleep.

 We will build 5 unique meals for you each week. With rotating menus, you will always have a great blend of new flavors and familiar favorites to fuel you through the week.

 This meal plan will take the time and pressure out of choosing your meals each week, as we have new, hand-curated menus for you every time. 

Meal structure (approximate)

~3-4 oz protein

1 cup veggie side

1 cup starchy side (starchy veggie, rice, or pasta)

~1 oz sauce/topping



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